Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lately I've been asked....

I just thought I'd do a post answering some recent questions I've gotten from people.  I'll get random e-mails or questions on facebook and it's often the same things I'm asked over and over.

One question I kept getting was what I looked like and had I gained back the weight.  I think people assumed because I haven't been posting a ton that I must have gained it all back.  There were a lot of reasons I didn't post as much, and yeah, being embarrassed about gaining weight was/is definitely one of them.  That is why I posted the last post, Selfies, and I also posted about it on From Fat to Fit on facebook.

Also, I wasn't blogging a lot when I wasn't losing weight because I didn't know what to post.  I didn't want to bore people.  I was surprised to have several people recently tell me they are glad I'm doing regular posts, so I guess people do like reading what I have to say.  Maybe it's my own insecurity, but I often feel like I am not very "cool" or interesting, I guess.  I am honest, and mostly just write what I am feeling.

Another question I have been getting is about my nose piercing (I guess people must notice it occasionally in photos that I post).  I got it done back in January, and I was surprised at how many people are interested in it.  I've had several people e-mail me saying how they have always wanted one, but never got one.  They also ask me questions about the healing, pain etc.  To answer that, the initial piercing is not very painful.  For a couple seconds you feel a sharp stick or pinch (kind of like when you get blood taken, only more pressure), and then it's over.  I didn't feel pain after, it was just tender for a few days.  I'm really glad I got it done.  I'd wanted it since high school and it's fun.  :)  Back in June I got a tragus piercing, and it's still in the healing process, although not painful or anything.  I have a couple more ear piercings I'd like to get.  I've thought about buying a hoop for my nose, but I am not sure.  I always said I'd never wear one, but I see a lot of people with them and I like how it looks.

The day I got it.  Abby showing off her earrings.  :)

This was taken a few weeks ago..It's a feather nose stud, which I really like

Most of the studs I wear are small, and you barely notice them..this was taken a couple weeks ago as well

In my right ear I have a midway cartilage, double lobes and the tragus.  I took this photo in June after I got the tragus done.

Someone else asked me about races.  No, I haven't done races lately.  The reason is because I simply wasn't running with the regularity I was before.  I got really out of my normal routine after I sprained my ankle before Christmas.  Then we had a really snowy/icy winter and I kept getting sick, so I didn't even bother signing up for them since I knew I wouldn't be trained/prepared.  I did jog/walk club with the kids in April and May at their school.  I plan on walking the half this year with a friend.  I am relieved to not have to run it.  The training really wore me out last year, and made me dread running.  I've been running here and there (I just don't have the ability I did before to run as far or fast) biking and swimming for my exercise.  I feel it's much easier on my body.  I am hoping to get back in a place of enjoying running again instead of dreading it, so I am taking it easy and running till I am tired and then walking.  The races also end up adding up to quite a bit of money, and I've already completed the distances I set out to do, and with not being as good, I didn't feel like spending money knowing I'd do terrible in comparison to before.  I hope that makes sense.  :)

Before the jog/walk club in the morning.  Aidan is quite the runner.  :)  Even Abby would usually do 2 miles in that half hour.

A lot of people wonder where I live.  Of course I am not going to tell you exactly where I live, but I live in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia.  I've lived in Virginia my whole life.  Sometimes I don't feel I belong here because of how the people are, but Virginia is a beautiful state with a lot of fun places to visit.

Do I work/What is my job?  I get asked this a lot, and I am not sure why people are so preoccupied with my employment status, but no, I do not have a job.  I worked part time briefly last year, but I have been mostly at home since I had my kids.  I've babysat at times to earn extra money.  This is a mutual decision between Jeff and I.  His schedule is not a 9 to 5 job, and it's hard to find part time work where they don't want to constantly change your hours around (like retail places do).  There are certain times I have to be here in the mornings and afternoons because there isn't any family who lives close enough to come by on a regular basis and keep the kids, and I have to be here all summer while they're out of school.  So, I don't know when I will go to work.  We aren't rich or anything, quite the opposite, but I actually like being at home and taking care of the house and that kind of stuff.  I have ads on the blog, and with the ones from google and amazon over the last year I've earned maybe $100 or so, so that's not very much at all.  My blog just isn't popular enough, I guess. 

I am also constantly asked what I eat.  I have posted many times on my facebook page, From Fat to Fit, photos of the things I eat.  I don't follow a strict diet or anything, I just try to eat healthy and balanced.  I have an album there with a lot of pics if you're interested.  Also, I do plan to do more What I Ate Wednesday posts, but I feel like I just tend to eat a lot of the same things, so I didn't want to be boring.   :)  There is a search bar on my blog and if you type in What I Ate Wednesday it should bring up those old posts if you're interested in seeing them.

Ok, I think that addresses a lot of the questions I've gotten recently.  If there is anything you'd like to know, please leave a question below, and I'll address that in another post.  :)

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Friday, August 22, 2014


Yesterday Jeff and the kids were coming home from their short trip.  He decided to take them to Kings Island to ride the new coaster, Banshee, that recently opened.  I was not in the mood to go to a theme park, but they all were, so I stayed home.  A lot of people might find it really weird, but I like being by  myself, and it was only for 2 nights.  Jeff's dad decided to go along too.  The kids are just like Jeff and love theme parks and rides.  I like that stuff too, but I am not obsessed like they are. 

They did the skyflier

Anyway, I thought I'd put a dress on (and some makeup) and try to look cute for when he came home, since he hadn't seen me for a couple days.  :)  Yesterday was one of those days where I felt pretty good with how I looked, so I decided to take a selfie so I could update my photo on facebook and other sites.  Also, I took a pic of me in the bathroom mirror because I've gotten e-mails from people wanting to know what I look like now since I've gained weight.

I didn't know if I was being sensitive or what, but it seems kind of rude to me to e-mail someone and ask that, but I decided to just go ahead and post them on my public facebook page, From Fat to Fit. 

I was surprised at how positive and kind people were.  I always get nervous posting any photos of myself.  People online can be such jerks.  They often say something just to be mean or point out the obvious.  When I watch you tube I'm always amazed at how nasty people can be, pointing out that someone has a zit or something.  Really?  Grow up.  Or better yet, get some balls, because you know you'd never say that to someone's face.

My weight gain is most obvious in my midsection and arms, my legs haven't changed.

Yes, I know I have gained weight.  I haven't tried to hide it,  but I don't want to advertise it either, because it's embarrassing and I just don't really feel good about how I look most of the time.

Jeff said he thought I looked hot.  LOL  He always says that when I wear dresses.  :)  In case you're interested, I got that dress at Torrid.  In their clothes I wear a size 1, and in regular clothes (like Target, Kohl's, Old Navy) I'm a 14. 

I recently signed up for a Tumblr account, so if you have one, follow me. :)  I'm The Singing Bird on there.    My Tumblr

I mostly signed up for it to follow a few people I was interested in that had an account, and I'll just be posting a bunch of randomness on there. 

I'm not sure what we're doing this weekend.  We still have some school supplies we need to get for the kids.  We've gotten new clothes and shoes for them, so that's good.

I hope you're having a good Friday!

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