Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Kitty

I've wanted another cat for a long time, but Jeff has been hesitant because we had some issues with Dorothy.  She was about 10 weeks old when we got her, and she would pee and poop on things, and it was frustrating.  It took some time to figure it out, but for a year and a half now, she hasn't had any issues, and she is my baby.  I love her SO SO much.  She cuddles with me every night when I read and she's very attached to me.  She gives me kisses and is always curious to see who's here.  She will let most people give her a pat, but she really only ever sits in my lap.  :)

Well, Jeff finally agreed (after much nagging me from and the kids) so I went to the website where we got Dorothy.  We saw a cute little black cat named Polly, and I wanted to meet her.  So, they had their stand set up at Petco, so we went to check her out.

She is so tiny and cute, and jet black.  I love black cats.  I'm not sure why, I just think they are beautiful.  She was a little nervous, but seemed to like being pet, and we all loved her, so we decided to get her!

We dropped our kids off at their aunt's house for a sleepover.  This was planned weeks ago, and we knew it would be easier to adjust the new cat without the kids being overly excited.

Mostly, we have everything we need for a cat, but we figured we'd get another litter pan so we could keep her separate at first.  We also got another cat tower and some new toys.

Sitting on Jeff's lap the first night

The first evening she was very scared and hid under Aidan's bed.  We decided to put her in there so she'd feel comfortable.  Dorothy was not happy.  She growled and hissed like I have never seen her do before.  Just smelling my hand (after touching the new kitty) made her growl.  She would just hiss and then run away.  The new kitty would just look at her, and then bury her head in our arms.  Even though she runs and hides under the bed or in the cat bed, she will sit in your lap for a long time and just let you pet her once you can pick her up.

Getting my feet under the covers
They said she's about a year old, but she's so small, so I wonder how much bigger she'll get.  Her siblings were already adopted out, but they still have her mom.  They said they often have a hard time adopting black cats because people are superstitious and think they're evil.  Apparently when they have the cats all lined up, people just bypass the black cats.  I think that is so stupid!  I personally think black cats are gorgeous.

Read the link below for some interesting information on the black cat and superstitions. 

Black Cat Superstitions

Sunning herself and birdwatching
We've been bringing her into the living room and she'll sit with us on the couch or she'll run into her cat bed and hide.  I am hoping with time she won't be so scared to come out and explore the house, and that Dorothy will accept her.  Dorothy is a pretty small cat (8lbs) but this cat is tiny in comparison.

She doesn't hide under the bed all day anymore, but she doesn't venture into the rest of the house while we're all awake.  Dorothy mostly growled and hissed at her at first, but now she chases her, so she hides under the bed.  I really hope they get along soon.

She loves this cat bed we bought for Dorothy, but Dorothy never used it.
We decided to name her Raven.  She didn't seem to know the name they gave her, and I think Raven is pretty, and fitting.

She's such a sweet girl and very playful at times.  I am really glad we got her, it just makes me sad that ever since Dorothy has been a total grump.

Grumpy cat Dorothy in her tower
If you have cats and transitioned a new cat to your home, how long did it take them to get along? 

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More thoughts about yesterday's post

After I'd posted yesterday about obese children, I was on facebook and a friend had posted a very profound video (or at least I thought it was).

You should definitely watch it, then tell me your thoughts.

It made me tear up, because I think many times parents don't realize the damage we do to our children.  We may not be intending to harm them, but a lot of the choices we make repeatedly add up over time.

That person in the video could have been me.

At 29 years old I was 5'5" and 325 pounds.  I was super morbidly obese.  Not just obese.  Not morbidly obese, but SUPER morbidly obese.

Me and Pookie by the sign
The summer before I turned 29, over 300 pounds

Can I blame all that on my parents?  No.

They didn't feed me once I left home.  Over the years I made many attempts to lose weight, and often did, but it came back.  I never changed my habits.  I didn't know what healthy habits were because I wasn't raised with any.

As kids we went to the store and we'd each get our own pint of ice cream.  Both of my parents were  heavy smokers.  We rarely had any vegetable served to us unless it was some canned corn or green beans.  There wasn't much fresh fruit in our house, maybe bananas sometimes.

I got overweight as a  young kid for many reasons.  I was fed mostly unhealthy food, too much food, and I used food for comfort.  When I was upset, my grandma would make me a big sundae or buy me ice cream or cookies or candy.

She was morbidly obese, my mother was obese and my father was obese.

So, while I don't think that my weight was ALL my parents' fault, they did contribute to it.  I didn't have a good start.  Once you're already way overweight, it's harder to change that.

That was the  point of my post.  If a child is way overweight before they're even in 1st or 2nd grade, it's likely that's how they'll grow up.  Is that ok with people?  Really?

I am not trying to fat shame.  I am simply trying to understand why this is happening so much.  I see the lunches kids eat at school and it's no wonder some of them are overweight.  There was a girl in my daughter's 1st grade class who was severely overweight (she had to weigh at least 25 or 30 pounds more than my daughter).  She had a lunch box full of junk, like 3 times what a child should eat. 

We constantly hear people defending being overweight like with the whole "any size can wear a bikini" or whatever else.  Yes, many people who are overweight have no health issues caused by it.  A lot do though and to say that it's ok to be way overweight is being in denial, IMO.  Unless you are working at being healthier, your health can be affected by carrying a lot of extra weight.

How many very overweight people do you see living well into old age? 

A normal healthy child should be able to play or ride a bike without feeling exhausted after a few minutes.  It was apparent to me last year when I helped out in my son's gym class how completely out of shape many kids are–even the thin ones.  Even if your child is thin and you feed them nothing but crap, that isn't ok either.

We really are what we eat.  Sometimes I wonder how different my life would have been if I'd been a healthy child and lived in a healthy environment.  Would I struggle so much now with my weight?

Have you ever heard that expression "Rise above your raising"?  I decided to do that, for myself and my kids.  I know I am far from being a perfect mother, but my kids are healthy.  If I had fed them the way I was, they'd be unhealthy and possibly obese right now.  They rarely get sick and they are vibrant children.  I have done my best since they were born to keep them healthy, and I will continue to do that until the day I die.

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